50 Shades of Grey – Get inspired by the Christian Grey Look

Women (and certainly also many men) all over the world had been waiting for it and last it finally had its premiere. We are of course talking about „50 Shades of Grey“. The storyline has been discussed all over the media, so we won’t repeat it all over again. Let’s instead rather take a look at the style of the main character Christian Grey and the role of the tie in the film.

Scene from "50 Shades of Grey" - Christian Grey and Ana

Photo: http://bit.ly/1AF0aSo

The cover of the book on which the film is based, as well as some of the film poster, already suggest that the tie is more than just an accessory for the always impeccable outfit of Christian Grey’s character.

As a typical American business man, he usually wears a dark tailored suit. First, of course, in grey, later in the film also in dark blue and brown, always combined with a white shirt and a tie in – not a surprise here – grey. A very classic look that couldn’t be easier to copy. During the film, Christian Grey’s look changes slowly and you can also see him in several other outfits but this is the typical “Christian Grey look”.

Film poster: Christian Grey with a tie in his hand

As mentioned before, copying this look is easy: Dark suit (one that fits perfectly of course), white shirt and a necktie. Good news for you: ties in (almost) 50 different shades of grey are available in our online shop!

For any inspiration regarding what else you could do with a tie, except wearing it as an accessory around the neck, let your imagination run wild… or go and watch the film!




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