A duck with the bow tie? No, you do not have hallucinations!

You know the usual and old joke that opens with an animal that walks into a bar to order something? Well, something like this happened in a small English village: the animal was a duck by the name of Star and now is a real celebrity in UK (and on internet), also thanks to the bow-tie it was wearing around the neck. There is always something to learn about how to use bow ties!

La papera star con il suo proprietario, Barrie Hayman

Star the Duck and Barrie Hayman (from: express.co.uk)

In the county of Devon, located in Southwest England, there is a village of just over a thousand souls called Chulmleigh. In this peaceful place , where time seems to stand still and, of course, there is a pub that is the real meeting place for the community. This pub is also frequented by a very particular customer: Star the duck, a real ” star” in name and in facts.

Observing Star entering in the pub in Chulmleigh with its master, Mr. Barrie Hayman, is already enough surprising but it is even more amazing to notice that the duck has a bow tie around its neck. The first ( and inevitable ) thought is to definitely have drunk too much.

La papera star che sorseggia una pinta di birra

Star the Duck drinks a beer (from: uk.news.yahoo.com)

Alcohol has actually nothing to do because it’s all true : Star is a very elegant white duck wearing bow ties and that, in addition of being probably one of the smartest among birds of Their Majesty, it seems to be also a beer expert. Keeping company to his master , sitting at the bar of the pub , Star does not mind occasionally to taste of a good local Ale.

Interviewed by Huffington Post, Mr. Hayman said: ” Star loves to go to the pub , and everybody likes it. It is a unique character, drawing much attention to itself.”

Surely part of its fame was due to the elegant set that it wears appearing in public; certainly it not happen every day that you meet a duck wearing a red bow tie, blue or patterned according to the occasion.

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Papillon giallo motivi paisley

Yellow bow tie

Papillon a pois azzurro

Light blue bow tie

Papillon rosso disegni

Red bow tie