August, Look of the month: Rather without a tie but elegant

It is hot in the office, the air conditioning is running at full speed or maybe you are even lucky enough to lie on the beach? Fact is: In August really no one wants to wear a tie. Even many bosses go easy on their employees and let them come to work without one.

Banner with accessories for an elegant look, with or without a tie

Many companies have now declared ties optional for the hottest months of the year. Air conditioning is after all bad for the environment and the budget. As long as there is no important business meeting or a very special occasion you can usually leave the tie at home. Not to mention the free time. For a drink after work or even a chic dinner most men choose to leave the tie in the wardrobe in summer. But that does not mean that you have to go without accessories in August. Luckily, there are many other accessories for a special look. Here are our favourites for this month.

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Braided belt, brown/ denim blue: Braided belts are perfect for a special casual look. The belt in brown and denim blue, with leather details is ideal with a good pair of jeans. Choose a light blue shirt and the outfit is perfect.

Cobalt blue fabric cufflinks: Cufflinks give the outfit a very special touch and are therefore usually only worn for special occasions or by men in leadership positions. The cufflinks made of fabric, however, can be worn in more situations and show your counterpart: “I am not wearing a tie, but I still put some thought in my outfit”.

Black sunglasses: Sunglasses are an essential accessory in summer. It is important to choose a model that fits the occasion. The classic sunglasses from Andrew’s Ties are great for any occasion and outfit, from the office to the beach.

Blue tie with anchors: Many of the Andrew’s Ties neckties are currently in special offer, we don’t want to withhold this tip from you! The tie with a maritime pattern is perfect for an elegant dinner, if you would like to wear a tie. Or you can start looking now for a new model for the coming autumn.