December, Look of the Month: Get ready for the most festive time of the year

Christmas and New Year’s are just around the corner – December is clearly the month to celebrate with your family and friends! For the most festive time of the year you’ll need of course also the perfect outfit! For the look of the month, December, we propose you therefore two alternatives for the holidays, in classic colours and easy to combine with many different looks!

Banner Look of the Month, December

Time to dress up! Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the perfect occasions for an elegant look or chic acccessoires. We have selected two different alternatives for you, for a perfect festive outfit! Here are our favourite accessories, in classic colours for December.

Tie with pin dots – silver grey & black with grey handkerchief:

An absolutely classic combination which is consequently perfect for classic, elegant outfits. Perfect with a dark suit for a Christmas dinner at the restaurant or an elegant New Year’s Eve celebration. Ideal with a white or light grey shirt.

Red bow tie and red handkerchief:

No colour says Christmas like red! Bow tie and pocket square can be both combined with an elegant look with a suit and a light shirt or a more casual outfit with classic trousers, shirt and trouser braces.

No matter who and where you are celebrating: with these accessories you are ready for a festive december! Happy Holidays!