February 2015 Look of the Month: Androgynous but sexy!

Ties, bow ties and Co are only for men? If you ask us the answer is: not at all! Our Look of the Month for March proves that the accessories are also great for women. We present you our favorite accessories and show you how to combine them best with feminine outfits!

Banner Look of the Month, March 2015


Trouser braces, ties and bow ties are typically male accessories. But we think they also fit great with many outfits for women. Unfortunately most people think of an extremely androgynous looks when they hear the words “tie” and “woman” in one sentence and imagine unfeminine, unsexy outfits. The truth is that you can combine the accessories also with skirts, blouses and dresses. This is not always easy but we have some ideas for you:

Black Necktie: The tie has to be worn with a shirt with a collar. There is no other way. But in order to make the look more feminine you can combine it wit a skirt or leggins. They make the look a little “softer”.

Black Bow Ties: Like the necktie, the bow tie should always be worn with a shirt. That means you have to make the look more feminine with the other garments. An alternative is choosing a bow tie in a “girly colour” like pink or purple for a less androgynous look.

Trouser Braces: We love trouser braces! They are really super versatile. Combine them with jeans or dress pants or even with shorts. Add a figure-hugging blouse and you have got a great look!

Try it! The accessories are available in the online shop of Andrew’s Ties!