February 2015 Look of the Month: Surprise your date with a perfect look for Valentine’s Day

Whether you want to hear it now or not, Valentine’s Day is upon us and if you don’t want to get in trouble with your significant other, you should better come up with a plan soon. Believe us: Even if she repeats over and over that she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day, she actually expects at least a nice bouquet!

Banner Look of the Month, February 2015

Dinner at the restaurant visit, a homemade dinner or a short trip (Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend this year), the program is entirely up to you. Also when it comes to the gift, you know best what she likes but with one thing we can help you: the outfit! For a perfect date you’ll also need the right look! So here’s our look of the month, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Classic dark suit, light shirt and elegant accessories – with this look you’ll sure win her heart and the best part: You probably have already all basic pieces of the look in the wardrobe. Here are our favourite accessories to go with the look:

Black bow tie: extremely classic and a special alternative to the neck tie, the black bow tie is simply perfect for an outfit for an elegant location like a chic restaurant.

Black trouser braces: We recommend black trouser braces with this outfit as they are invisible if you leave on your jacket and add a special touch to the outfit if you take it off.

Handkerchief in white: For a classic look, add a white handkerchief. If you want a really special and romantic accessory, you can also pin on a flower.

Happy Valentine’s Day!