Hankies: how to fold them properly!

The handkerchiefs are no essential accessories. It is possible to live without using them but they are able to give such a  peculiar feature and this makes them so special. They can give a special touch to any outfit, as well as special, elegant or casual. Placing a hanky in the pocket of your favorite jacket requests several techniques. Here we describe to you some important tricks, ideal to create a successful combination!

There are all sorts of techniques to give to a handkerchief its final form and enable it to peep from the jacket pocket in the most elegant way possible. The choice is up to you!

Pointed handkerchief

Fold the hanky in half to perfectly match the flaps and obtain an isosceles triangle, with the long side downward. Then take the two small peaks in the lower part and fold in on themselves, towards the interior, to obtain a shape similar to a small envelope.

Uomo con pochette che si aggiusta i gemelli

Et voila! Insert the hanky in the pocket and adjusted it to let appear the right portion of triangle.

Double  pointed handkerchief

As per the above mentioned method, fold the hanky in 2 but be sure that the ” tips ” at the top are not perfectly overlapped, but slightly off. Then bend towards the interior the two side points, obtaining a hanky characterized by the presence of two distinct pointed final parts.

Flat-cut hanky

Would you like to show only and horizontal strip of your hanky? Then proceed in the following simple way. Fold the hanky in half to obtain a rectangle. Bend it again partially to reach the desired thickness.

Uomo con completo, gilet, cravatta e fazzoletto da taschinoPuffball handkerchief

Do you prefer a kind of bow and fluid shape instead of a geometric one? Then go on like this: display the hanky on a horizontal surface and grab it in the center with two fingers. Then lift it.
Combine the edge of the fabric and place it gently in the pocket, revive it with your fingers until you have a soft fold symmetrical.

Double-bent puffball handkerchief

This is a variant of the above-mentioned method and it share with it some steps, until the phase of the edge-combining. Fold inward- down the upper part, the one held between the fingers. At this point, put the handkerchief inthe pocket and give it the desired volume and shape.

These are only some of the methods to be learnt to bend the handkerschiefs; We decided to focus on the simplest but, once well-assimilated them, you can safely move on something more complex consulting useful online resources such as videos and tutorials.

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Take the right inspiration for your special occasions style!

Pochette arancio

Pochette arancio

Pochette blu navy con pois verdi

Pochette blu navy con pois verdi

Pochette salvia con puntini bianchi

Pochette salvia con puntini bianchi