The finishing touch for your outfit: How to choose the perfect belt

For many, the belt has mainly a practical use, but it can also be a great fashion accessory which gives the outfit the finishing touch. The belt is also an ideal accessory for men who usually prefer a simple outfit with no frills. We show you how to select and combine the right belt to your look.

Man with dark blue suit, striped shirt, brown shoes and brown belt

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The belt is a popular but underrated accessory for men. Belts often get little attention and many men believe that a classic dark belt goes with everything. This not really wrong, but when combined properly, your belt can be much more than a tool to hold the pants in place!

Here are a few basic rules to help you choose the perfect belt and thus give your outfit that certain something:

  • The belt should be matched with your shoes: brown shoes, brown belt; black shoes, black belt and so on. But there are exceptions when the colours harmonize very well, such as dark brown and olive green. However, with these combinations you should be more careful or get professional advice.
  • In the best case even the leather should be the same or similar. If you wear shiny shoes, the belt should be made of shiny leather as well.
  • It is also important that the belt fits well with the rest of the outfit. With a dark suit, you should definitely choose a black, simple leather belt. With a casual outfit you have more flexibility. The belt may also have a pattern, rivets, or a particular buckle or be made of a special material.
  • Classic yet fashionable are for example braided belts. This can – of course in the right color – even be worn with a suit.
  • When you wear a dress suit or a tuxedo for a very formal occassional, instead of a belt traditional braces are worn (under the vest they stay invisible in comparison to a belt).
  • To trousers in a more casual style, like chinos, usually a fabric belt is chosen. This emphasises the casual look.
  • The belt should fit well, it should have an optimal length, so that it does not have to be closed in the first in the last hole.

A perfectly matching belt underlines a perfect look and shows that you pay attention to detail. In order to always make a good impression, it pays to have more than one high quality model in the wardrobe. Focus on quality and versatility and you are always well dressed!

Genuine Lizard Belt - black

Genuine Lizard Belt – black

Braided belt - grey

Braided belt – grey

Belt in elastic nubuck leather - blue/brown

Belt in elastic nubuck leather – blue/brown