International Women’s Day: Accessories for everyone from Andrew’s Ties!

March 8 is the International Women’s Day. The origin of the day was a socialst political event in the period around World War One to raise awareness for equality and the right to vote for women. Even though we are now living in a society in which (at least in our country) there are no major differences between men an women anymore, we are still far away from complete equality. Equal pay and gender equality in management positions for example are still an issue.

Kate Moss wearing a tie


Also when it comes to clothing there are several prejudices. Women who dress particularly feminine are often objectified or considered weak, the ones who wear outfits inspired by their male colleagues instead are often considered unattractive and unapproachable. But ties, bow ties and Co. are not only great accessories for men.

Women with ties and bow ties are …. Especially men probably think of several, not always flattering, adjectives here. But it is International Women’s Day and we think that the outfit choice should especially depend on two factors: Women should feel comfortable and themselves in their clothes. The question here is not why you should wear a bow tie, necktie or trouser braces, but why not?! If you want to try it we have a few tips for you:

Woman with bow tie


  • Necktie: Also for women, a necktie is a rather conservative accessory and goes well with a suit and a shirt or jeans or dress pants and a shirt. If you roll up the sleeves the outfit becomes a little more casual.
  • Bow Ties: The bow tie is more versatile. It’s perfect with the classic outfit with pants and shirt but also with more playful outfits, for example with a skirt.
  • Trouser Braces: In contrast to the tie and bow tie it doesn’t have to be necessarily worn with a shirt with a collar. Trouser braces can be combined with jeans, trousers, skirts and shirt, t-shirt or a blouse. Just as you like.


Woman with trouser braces


Of course these are all just suggestions. If our looks have inspired you, take a look at the online shop of Andrew’s Ties and find your favourite accessory. Because they are certainly not only great for men!

Have a great International Women’s Day!