Job Interview: Which tie should you wear?

Clothes make the man, according to a famous proverb, and even if this is a bit dated and ultimately the personal qualities are crucial, there are situations where you should pick your clothes carefully. In job interviews for example, the first impression is particularly important and appearing well dressed can be a great advantage. For men, suit and tie are therefore a must for job Interviews in many industries. If you will have to or want to appear competent and professional at work, you should already present yourself accordingly during the interview.

Young man with dark suit, white shirt and red tieIn 2008, the British newspaper “The Telegraph” published one of the first articles on the subject of the economic crisis and buying behavior. According to a survey, British consumers tended to buy more ties than before the economically difficult time. Many of the respondents explained that they wanted to be perfectly prepared for a job interview. The ones who were already employed instead, wanted to appear smarter at work in order to prevent a dismissal in the event of a reduction of staff.

Today, a few years later, the crisis is in full swing and particularly in Europe, with a high unemployment rate, the competition for jobs is getting higher. So if you get invited for a job interview you should chose your outfit very carefully.
The first impression counts for a large part on the outcome of the conversation. To be taken seriously by the opposite, you should show that you have put thought into the choice of your outfit. However, this depends of course also on the industry in which you want to work in the future. A bank employee is generally dressed more conservatively than employees in creative industries. To get an idea, take a look on the internet and find out how workers in the desired position dress in everyday life.

Here is also some general advice to help you chose the right tie for the interview:

Avoid flashy colours like purple, pink or bright yellow and chose instead classic, subtle colours. Dark blue or burgundy, for example are always a good choice. Also pastel colours are great, if it doesn’t have to be very conservative. Red ties should be avoided if you have applied for an entry-level position, since they are usually reserved for the executives in the company.

Tie knot
In general, the simple knot is a great option, but if you want to opt for a larger knot the Windsor or Pratt are ideal alternatives. When deciding for the knot it is also important to consider the collar of your shirt. For a small collar you should choose a simple knot, for a large collar a more voluminous one.

With a solid tie you’re always on the safe side. If you are looking instead for something different, you should choose a subtle pattern. Ideal are ties with pin dots or fine stripes. Make sure that at least one of the colours matches the colour of the shirt or the suit. That makes the outfit harmonious.

Finally, consider the material of the tie. For an important occasion, such as the job interview, you should definitely choose a model made from pure silk. No other material is so elegant and timeless! Now there is only one thing left to say: Good luck!

Deluxe steel blue

Deluxe steel blue

Tie with stripes - dark blue

Tie with stripes – dark blue

Red Shiny Silk Tie

Red Shiny Silk Tie