July 201 Look of the Month: a stylish summer with knitted ties!

An old proverb says: ” In July, remove the bodice and take the covers off the bed.”
Taking into consideration the African temperatures that are gripping our country, the popular wisdom is more relevant than ever!
If, however, there practically are no more people wearing the bodice nowadays, and blankets are no more warming up our sleep, certainly the will to get rid of even long dresses and accessories is not lacking.
We surely are in countertrend showing that our look will be more fashionable than ever by choosing to wear a knitted tie in July.


Banner "Tricot Look" con cravatte in maglia

Thinking about ties tissues is inevitable to recall the silk, the ideal material for the realization of these accessories due to its many advantages of quality and appearance. Not only of silk, however, will live… the elegant man!
Knitted fabric is a great alternative, commonly used to package young-style ties perfect for summer.

Unlike traditional models are ending with a tip, knitted ties usually have a squared-end that gives a considerably original cut to these accessories; thicknesses also changes: while the traditional ties have one final part wider end than the other, knitted models are typically always of uniform width.

Especially popular in the Fifties and Sixties, esteem to squared-end ties models is growing among the younger generation of today, always looking for alternative ways of dressing.
The smooth and homogeneous silk texture leaves road to the pleasant “rough knit”.

Taking into consideration these differences, it’s easy to understand why knitted ties represent a category of its own in the great panorama of men’s ties.
How to choose the more suitable knitted ties?
First of all you’ll have to pay attention to quality of the fabric, which must be sufficiently ” robust ” to give the right texture and three-dimensionality to the item – without exaggeration, of course.

As with any other model of tie, even for knitted model colours should always be compatible with what you normally wear.
The golden rule of matching says that combinations are typically easier with monochrome models.
These accessories are perfect for casual style and matches are not so formal as in other occasions.
In this regard , you should consider an important aspect: knitted ties are a great choice for leisure and informal moments (for example, combined with jeans, velvet jackets or sporty shirts).

On the contrary, it would be better to wear classic style models during more ” demanding “events , while wearing elegant suits.

Finally, about the earlier-mentioned of casual accessories, the knot should be as basic as possible: the perfect example is the simple knot, small and asymmetrical, that tends to give value to the accessory.
And if Summer is hot , do not have any problems to keep your tie loose: your appearance will be even more dandy!

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