Look of the Month: September 2015 – back to the office

According to the latest statistics , nearly one in two people is suffering from the so-called “syndrome of return ” , coming back home from holidays. For many stress of return results in nervousness, discontent and dissatisfaction. Others, fortunately, face symptoms in a much milder way by dealing with a wardrobe to be renewed in view of autumn. Here are some suggestions for the ones always questioning about how to dress in the next months.
Let us introduce to you Andrew’s ties look of the month.

Banner con Look del Mese di Settembre 2015Hands up if you do not suffer at least a little when the calendar cruelly announces that summer is over and autumn is approaching with great steps. Sometimes the discomfort is more psychological, because linked to the sad return to the office and to every-day-life, while in other cases a bigger problem has to be addressed is that of changing of clothes in our closets.

Put in the attic summer clothing until the next summer comes again. It gives a certain sense of commitment, both in terms of time and effort, but every cloud has a silver lining: this could be a good opportunity to select some accessories, throw them away (or take them to a charity shop) and maybe buy some new ones.

In addition to the change of location of your clothing, take also into consideration a real turning point in terms of style and follow the tips of Andrew ‘s Ties Look for the Month of September: focus on men’s accessories in warm colors. Here below you can find some examples:

  • Knitted Yellow Tie: the texture of this tie is pleasantly “rough” and its original design makes it the perfect accessory for the coming season, especially if combined with casual outfits.
  • Light Red Tie: excellent alternative to the previous model, this pure 100 % Italian silk tie conquests with its warm color. It is ideal for nights out and for important ceremonies, but also for important working days.
  • Bordeaux fabric suspenders with leather inserts: for those who prefer suspenders to the usual belt and love this young product full of style and great. The combination between Yellow tie and suspenders gives a very elegant colour.
    On the contrary, we obtain a tone sur tone effect with the light red silk tie.

So, are you ready to face the autumn?
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