May 2015 Look of the month: papillon for everyone… him or her!

Keeping up with fashion means  devoting constant attention to clothing and – let’s be sincere – even to a certain budget. However, it is not necessary to buy expensive new clothes all the time to look modern, trendy and fabulous: to renew our look it only requests choosing the right accessories.
May is the month of papillon on Andrew ‘s Ties site: find out how to take advantage of this incredibile item!

Look of the month: bow tiesPerhaps not everyone knows that, in terms of versatility , bow ties are the most “democratic” among the accessories. Actually, they are perfect to give an original touch of formal elegance to what you are wearing.
They are also an excellent addition to a young and casual look; Bow ties can be used on social occasions and in leisure time and, most noteworthy , they are accessories that make a great impression even if worn by women .
Remember: bow ties overheat less then ties in summer!

The assortment and availability of products on Andrew ‘s Ties shop reflects that kind of open and wide bow ties vision (can we call it vision?), proposing models for every moment.

Firstly,  monochromatic bow-ties are so simple to match and provide great elegance ever. Patterned and colourful bow-ties are the ideal accessory to give a different touch to your outfit.
In both cases, pastel-color models will be able to satisfy the taste of any customer!

Among the 100% Made in Italy goods created by Andrew ‘s Ties, there is also a shortage of elegant patterned bow tie,  unusual aspect for an e-commerce sites specialized in accessories. On AT shop it is possibile to find also special bow ties for children, so perfect to give our kids a certain air of “little men”during ceremonies and important events.

Once found the right bow tie suitable for your outfit,  decide to combine it or not with another item, such as braces, on a colour that recalls the tie.
Come discover the wide range of models on Andrew ‘s Ties shop!