November, Look of the Month: Dare to be different!

Sure, ties are true classics and transform your outfit in an instant into an elegant look, but let’s be honest: Always choosing a tie is boring! Our look of the month for November has therefore the theme “Dare to be different!” So, dare and try something new! Here are our accessories for a chic and fancy look to match your style!

Banner with accessories for style that stands out


Who dares wins, they say and our favourite accessories for November are definitely not for those who want to play it safe. For those, on the other hand, who like to try new things and are after a look that stands out, we’ve got just the right solutions!

Green bow tie with design: Wearing a bow tie instead of a tie is certainly not everybody’s cup of tea but the bow tie is just the right accessory for a unique and original look!

Olive green trouser braces: The same applies for braces but together with the bow tie you have a winning combination! Combine the two accessories together with a plain white, grey or brown shirt and trousers for a casual look with a twist!

Dark blue ascot tie with design: The ascot is a special accessory that recently had a great comeback. In a classic colour the accessory is perfect for an elegant, special look.

Midnight blue handkerchief: A handkerchief makes the look with an ascot perfect! The accessory complements a chic outfit and is a real eye-catcher.

Now we have actually presented you two outfits for November! Whether you go for classic or elegant is now up to you! You can find all accessories of course in our online store!