October, Look of the Month: Classic with colour accents

It’s the beginning of October and autumn is really getting started now. In the morning it is still dark when we go to work and the sun doesn’t show that often anymore. Time to fight the grey! The motto of our look of the month is therefore “classic, but with color accents”. Our favourite colour this month: fuchsia!

Banner with accessories for a classical autumn look with colour accents


The grey autumn weather is back. But instead of staying in and watching the rain fall it is time to bring some colour into your every day life! For a perfect autumn look, combine classic colours with colourful accents. Especially nice for fall is the shade fuchsia: Classic but eccentric this hue is ideal to add the special something to your outfit.
Here are our accessories for October:

Light grey tie with stripes in fuchsia: Striped ties are the perfect choice for the office, but they don’t have to be boring. The tie with stripes in fuchsia is great for a colour accent. Match for example with a grey jacket.

Handkerchief fuchsia:If stripes aren’t enough of a colour accent, you can choose a handkerchief in the same colour shade in addition!

Grey nubuck belt: The elastic belts made of high quality nubuck leather are an ideal accessory for a casual business look. The belt in grey is very versatile which makes it perfect for every day.

Classic silver cufflinks: If it has to be elegant, choose a couple of beautiful classic cufflinks. This adds the special something to your look.