Silk Scarves for a true Hollywood Look

Silk scarves are one of the most classic accessories of all times. When you think of silk scarves, you think inevitably of the classic Hollywood look à la Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn of the 50/60-ies. But this doesn’t mean at all that silk scarves are out of fashion! From past to present, the scarves have a been classic accessory that can be worn in many different ways and thus is perfect to add that spcecial something to any outfit.

Silk scarves are for grandmas? Absolutely not true, we say! And these Hollywood stars prove it:

Grace Kelly with a silk scarf as a headscarf


Grace Kelly: With a silk scarf as a headscarf: this is how many of us remember Grace Kelly. Even today a Grace Kelly look with silk scarf and sunglasses is for many simply “the” look for a convertible ride.

Audrey Hepburn with a silk scarf worn casual as a headscarf



Audrey Hepburn: Also Audrey Hepburn often wore the scarf on the head. However, a bit more casual with a printed scarf, fringe and big pearl earrings.


Sharon Stone in the film


Sharon Stone: In “Intersection” Sharon Stone wears the silk scarf elegantly knotted around her neck to an otherwise grey, drab outfit and shows us how to change a look completely with an accessory.


Hillary Swank as Claire in "New Year's Eve"



Hillary Swank:In the movie “New Year’s Eve” Hillary Swank aka Claire does it like Sharon and uses a silk scarf knotted around her neck for a splash of color in a classic outfit.


Rihanna with a casual outift and a silk scarf


Rihanna: She really proves that silk scarves are not old-fashioned at all! Rihanna shows us how to combine the scarf with a casual outfit with jeans and t-shirt!

Whether elegant 60ies look or casual outfit, silk scarves are a super versatile accessory! That’s why Andrew’s Ties created a new collection of exclusive silk scarves. Check them out!


Silk Scarf Multiflower - blue & azure

Silk Scarf Multiflower – blue & azure

Scarf with Belt Print - pink/grey & blue

Scarf with Belt Print – pink/grey & blue

Silk scarf with flowers - white and bordeaux

Silk scarf with flowers – white and bordeaux