Silk is the fabric for ties that knows no season

Winter is approaching and people are more willing to wear comfortable and warm clothing, which protect against the cold weather but also from temperature changes so insidious for our health. Certainly talking about clothes and winter accessories, sweaters , coats , scarves and gloves come to mind , but be ready to be surprised: even silk ties can do their part to give you comfortable temperature. Here are the benefits of this extraordinary thermal fabric.

Silk is a 100%natural fabric that for thousands of years accompanied the human civilization and that, despite the long history, in the third millennium is still imposing in the fashion world. The prestige and quality of silk have no equal but perhaps not everyone knows that this textile product is also characterized by excellent thermal performance.

During the colder months of the year, wearing neckties in pure silk can have a great effect in temperature-regulating. This fabric helps retaining heat and protecting one of the most vulnerable parts of the body: the neck; in addition, the chest will be protected from temperature changes. Let’s remember that jackets , even when buttoned , do not cover the central area of the bust; also for this reason the accessory will offer the advantage of protecting elegantly those defenseless partsBambina che aiuta il papà a indossare la cravatta

The advantage of the unique and distinctive silk is its perfect and easy way of wearing it ,even in diametrically opposite climatic conditions, i.e. in the summer. Some might think that the fabric, because of its ability to retain heat in cold weather, will do the same with very high temperature but it is not so.
The silk is in fact a very lightweight and breathable fabric that does not prevent the loss of heat and, therefore, it gives an optimal comfort, even in the middle period of the year.

So , in all seasons and weather conditions, silk will be your ideal partner , also by virtue of the fact that it is a hypoallergenic material and its style suits every occasion.

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Cravatta fantasia gocce

Fantasy tie

Cravatta puntaspillo nera retro pois argento

Dotted tie

Cravatta regimental viola & blue navy

Regimental Tie