Striped tie with which shirt? Choose between a classic or modern combination

When it comes to the combination of unicolour ties, there are no big difficulties: Without a pattern, combining is much easier. However, if you choose a tie with a pattern, it is a completely different situation. Especially classic stripes often cause problems. Here is a little guide for you to help you combine your striped tie easily either in a modern or a classic way.

Ties with stripes or regimental ties (with wide stripes in the typical English style) are true classics and very appreciated for that. Combining them with a plain shirt is not a problem for most men, combining a striped tie with a patterned shirt instead causes more difficulties. Find out to combine your tie in the right way.

Regimental tie with folded white shirtsClassic combination
If you want to wear the tie with a unicolour shirt, you pretty much only have to think about the colour choice. The best solution is a shirt in the colour or one of the colours of the stripes. In that way you create a nice harmonious and elegant outfit. The basic colour of the tie doesn’t matter as long as you avoid the same colour as the shirt.
Also pinstripes on the shirt are no problem. However, in that case the colour of tie shouldn’t be too bright.

Modern combination
Striped ties can be worn more diverse than you might think. If you want to try something a bit different than the classic combination, try to combine a striped tie with a striped shirt. But careful: There are a few basic rules to follow to create a stylish outfit:

  • Number one: The stripes of the two garments must run in opposite directions.
  • Number two: A tie with thick stripes should be worn to a shirt with fine stripes and vice versa.
  • Number three: Select the two garments in complementary colours but make sure that one of the colours occurs in both, the tie and the shirt.

Finally: Remember, if the shirt and tie are already striped, the suit should be plain and also combinations with other patterns should be chosen carefully. Best get some advise!

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