The Academia Cravatica, an exclusive club for tie fans

When it comes to ties, the different opinions about the accessory differ often extremly from man to man. While some don’t even want to wear a tie for special occasions, others wouldn’t even take out the rubbish without wearing one! You don’t believe it? Then you have probably never heard of the Academia Cravatica – an exclusive club for true tie fans!

Croatian soldier with a red tie during a ceremony

Croatian soldier with a red tie during a ceremony(Photo: Nikola Solic/Reuters)

As we have already told you in our article on the origins of the tie, the accessory was originally part of the uniform of Croatian soldiers. Red fabric cloths worn by the soldiers where the ancestors of the tie as we know it today. Not surprising that the club dedicated to the elegant accessory was founded in the country of its origin, Croatia!

Logo of the Academia Cravatica

Logo of the Academia Cravatica (Source:

Officially, the Academia Cravatica was founded on 26 March 1997 as a non-profit organization. Their goal is to study, preserve ad improve the tie as a Croatian and also World Heritage.
The Academia Cravatica is an important institution in the country of origin of the tie, and they are very proud of the “result of the genius of the Croatian people“. However, the Croatian members don’t ignore the role of other countries in the dissemination of the tie.

Quite the contrary: The Academia Cravatica emphasizes the discovery of the accessory by the French and the passion of the English that played a big role in making the accessory famous in the whole world. The organisation works in addition also works with other clubs around the world.

Amphitheater in Pula during the celebrations in 2003

One of the most important achievements of the organization was the establishment of the International Necktie Day that now takes place every year on October 18.
Curiosity: at the celebration of the day of the tie, in 2003, the Roman amphitheater in Pula was decorated with a huge record tie that was 808 meters long and 25 meters wide (450 kg!) to symbolize the connection between past and present.
If you want to support the Academia Cravatica with a donation it doesn’t necessarily mean donating money! The club is always looking for special ties of clubs and associations, accessories and autographs.
Even audio or video files, literary and artistic works, and everything else that has to do with ties can be donated. The donations will be used for projects of the organization and the name of each donor will be published on the website of the organization.

Bow tie red

Bow tie red

Pin dots - red & blue

Pin dots – red & blue

Bright red handkerchief

Bright red handkerchief