Tie and Hankerchief: how to match them perfectly?

The suit is well ironed and you ready to wear it. Knock the tie flawlessly around the neck. You are almost ready to go out … but there is a Hamlet-like question in your mind: Handkerchief or no-handkerchief? If this is the dilemma, take a look at our tips about how to wear with elegance this particular item. Handkerchiefs are suitable for any special occasions. Are you worried about handkerchief wearing and you would like to know how to match it with your tie? Do not worry, there is Andrew ‘s Style! 

Talking about clothing and outfits, there is no “perfect formula” that works for all: it is better to consider what to wear case by case, giving the right space to personal style without, however, loosing the sense about the basic rules of how dressing well.

In order to choose the right handkerchiefs to match with your tie (or bow tie), it is good to know that an exact combination of colors and patterns between the two accessories is not the best match. Give a look to fashion experts: they tend to avoid it! Why is this correspondence not recommended?

Cravatta a righe rosse e pochette rossa

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The handkerchiefs had originally a practical role. They were used by noble people to protect their “sensitive ” nose from strong and disgusting smells, so prensent in places frequented by common people. Nowadays, the hankies are only an aesthetic complement. Their role is to enrich, add value and not being a simple replica of what has already been shown by the tie.

On the contrary, you cannot wear something that has completely nothing to do with the rest of your outfit. This is the point where difficulties start: you have to choose a handkerchiefs that is similar to the tie … but not too much.

Let’s clarify the matter with some practical cases. If you choose a patterned tie, the right hanky should wear is monochrome, recalling for one of the colors of the first accessory.
On the contrary , green light for a patterned handkerchief if at least one of their tone recalls the one of monochromatic tie you have on.

Cravatta azzurra e pochette bianca

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Let’s talk now about “ton sur ton” cases. Is your tie of a deep blue? Complete your set with a beautiful heaven-blue hanky! Are you a fan of pastel ties and your choice is a silk model orange pale? The perfect complement is a slightly orange handkerchief.
In other words, the rule to create the perfect combination is having one or two shades color of difference between the accessories you are wearing.

There is always the exception that confirms the rule.
If you really are hesitant and confused about what to wear and match, play it safe by choosing a white handkerchief, the most versatile accessory.

On Andrew’s Ties shop you can find a lot of wonderful handkerchiefs to match with your outfit: : keep in mind the rule “similar, but not too much” and you will never be wrong !

Handkerchief navy blue with white dots

Handkerchief navy blue with white dots

Handkerchief orange

Handkerchief orange

Handkerchief day yellow

Handkerchief day yellow