How many techniques do exist to knot a tie? You wont believe it: 85!

“Minimal “ ties Users are happy enough to be able to do a simple knot; some admirer has pride instead of being able to run three or four different knots , while some virtuous reach maybe ten different way of knotting the ties. You probably will not believe your eyes about what we are saying: 85 is the number of existing codified techniques, not one more or one less , as evidenced by the book entitled ” 85 ways to tie a tie “ !

85 ways to tie a tie” ( original title: The 85 Ways to tie a tie ) is a literary unique work: both for the singular fact that focuses exclusively on the tie and also because it was written Thomas Fink and Yong Mao, who in 1999 were neither fashion addicted and even fashion designers , but researchers in mathematics and physics at the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University.

Uomo che si aggiusta il nodo della cravattaThe book begins with an interesting introduction about the history of the tie from ancient times until today. After that, it start dealing with the central hub of the publication: the many existing ways to tie this accessory, that two authors have studied and proven by applying the scientific method.

Previously published articles on the prestigious journals Nature and Physica A, the most interesting content of the book concerns the mathematical proofs related to the nodes of ties: Fink and Mao show, beyond any doubt , that there are exactly 85 different ways.
An amazing number!

Without going too much in deep into formulas and mathematical proofs , we can tell you that to get to this result, the two researchers identified all the basic steps of the knotting techniques:

  • R: rightward movement
  • C: moving to the center
  • L: leftward movement
  • I: inwards
  • O: outwards
  • T: through the loop just created

Analyzing all the possible combinations from a probabilistic point of view, the Cambridge researchers determined that there is an “n” number of possible moves random ( ” random walk ” ) if you want to start with loose tie and get it knotted . Although , in truth , the same Fink and Mao to admitted that , when nodes have been analyzed from the aesthetics point of view , they only saved 13 of them.

Willing to try your hand at alternative ways to tie neckties ?
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Cravatta in maglia rossa

Red Knitted Tie

Cravatta azzurra tinta unita

Light blue Tie

Cravatta vellutino lilla e blu

Lila and blue velvet Tie