Travel like a gentleman: Comfortable travelling in style

Whether personal travel or business trips, traveling has its pitfalls. From the outfit to the luggage: it should be all as practical as possible, but with style. How to travel like a gentleman without sacrificing comfort; we also have some very special accessories for you to make your trips more enjoyable.

Man at the airport with suit and trolley

On long-haul flights we see more and more jogging pants, shorts and comfortable trainers. Since flights to the other side of the world have become affordabl, hardly anyone remembers that flying once used to be a privilege was and dressing up appropriately for the occasion was part of it. This does not mean that you have to get on a plane in a suit and tie, but a decent pair of trousers, a nice shirt and a jacket instead of a jumper, make a big difference. You are going to sit for hours with many people in a plane, so out of respect, as a true gentleman you should refrain from the couch outfit.

As for the luggage, it is recommended to travel as light as possible. Whether it’s your summer holiday or a business trip, you should only take what you really need. If something is missing, there are also shops at your destination! For the carry-on it is best to choose a bag of a sturdy material, such as leather. For the checked luggage choose a trolley suitcase, which should not be too big.

A good behavior is a matter of course for every gentleman. At the airport, in the plane and at the hotel even grown men often turn into moody eight year-olds when things do not go according to plan. Sure, everything is taken care of: Someone else decides where you are going to sit, the food is served… But that’s no reason to feel like you are back at your mom’s house. The flight attendants and hotel employees are working for your comfort and should always be treated with the highest respect. Basic knowledge of the language and an understanding of the culture also opens many doors!

Here are some special accessories that are often considered old-fashioned but will make your trip a bit more comfortable:

  • The travel case for your ties: A special case for ties is especially recommended for men who travel frequently for business. The cases are usually designed for two ties. They don’t take up much space ensure that your favourite ties arrive at your destination without wrinkles.
  •  The pocket emptier: Every traveler is familiar with this situation: When it’s time to check out of the hotel in the morning you don’t find your keys, purse or the watch and you are once again late. Avoid this unpleasant situation with a practical vide poche. These are usually available in leather and flat (perfect to pack them in your luggage), and have snaps at the corners so you can turn them into a “bowl” in no time. Unpack it first thing at arrival and put all the important little things in it. In that way you find the most important things immediately and nothing gets lost.
  • A coin purse: A small purse for coins is always handy. You need coins for so many things; whether for parking tickets, vending machines or a coffee. When traveling, it is often difficult to change money, especially if you do not speak the local language. A coin purse is therefore particularly convenient.
Brown coin purse

Brown coin purse

Tie Travel Case

Tie Travel Case

Pocket emptier - black

Pocket emptier – black