3 benefits about wearing bow-ties on a job interview

There are jobs for which wearing an elegant and formal outfit is essential, and consequently the candidates are asked to dress in an appropriate manner also for interviews about these jobs. If you think it’s time to ‘ impress ‘ your examiners with clothing that deviates from the usual combination of outfit and tie, here are some advantages about wearing bow-ties.

We are about to give a shoking news to those who think that men using bow ties ist out of fashion: never as in recent years we are seeing a return of the use of bow-ties in the fashion scene, especially among the younger generation. Do not be surprised if today we will praises this item and we will underline the benefits to wear it on a job interview! Uomo elegante che si sistema al collo il papillon

They say that you cannot judge a book by its cover but we can also say that first impression is quite everything by appearing in front of the recruiting commission of a very important company: overlooking is never a good idea. It is better to prefer a sober and clean outfit. However it is also very important to stand out from other candidates: bow-tie is just what we want to add, a special detail that does not get unnoticed – without giving up style and elegance.

Then there is a subtle psychological factor to be not understimated. Probably the majority of people believes that the others will surely judge and point at you, if you are wearing a bow tie around the; It could be quite possible , but the very important fact is ” to dare” wearing this accessory to make selectors think , ” This person does not lack of courage and personality“, qualities that in many job environments are prized and well-estimated.

Plus do not forget that, with the same technical agility and experience, knotting a bow-tie is much easier than a normal tie: even the time and speed of execution will be on your side!

By wearing a bow-tie you could be remembered as ” the candidate with the bow tie “ and , perhaps , have some better chances of finding the job of your dreams. Discover Andrew ‘s Ties a wide selection of bow ties to make your next job interview a special moment!

Papillon nero

Black Bow-tie

Papillon grigio chiaro

Ligh-grey Bow-tie

Papillon a pois rosso

Dotted red Bow-Tie