Wedding Look: how to choose the right tie?

Some people say that wedding day is the best of an entire life. It does not matter sharing or not this opinion, one thing is preatty sure: this day can be define as the more elegant and ever! Today we want to dwell on one important aspect of man wedding outfit, i.e. the choice of ties, offering you three different styles to choose your favorite one in order to to be flawless and elegant in front of your future bride.

How to choose the right tie to combine with your wedding suit?
It is a million dollars question for someone, meanwhile other people are convinced that model is not important because the entire outfit is more important than a single detail. They think that a tie could not make the difference (even because eyes will be fixed on the bride!).

Uomini in abito da cerimonia con cravatte strette e boutonnièreReality is quite different: these accessories are double-edged weapons that, if well-chosen, are able to embellish the whole outfit. On the contrary, if the combination is bad managed, they unfortunately can penalize the wedding look of the groom. Here, then, three style proposals of to be considered for three special looks for you wedding.


If you prefer not to deviate too much from tradition and stay on a well-stablished style, then the right choice for you is a classic cut tie, preferably in light and pastel colors. Light-gray or pale-blue ties are perfect for wedding dresses; someone does not mind wearing a white tie while there are those who prefer the brighter colours such as red. The choice, of course, depends on you and the colour of your dress!


Ascot ties are a clear demonstration of how a single accessory can revolutionize an outfit. The ideal situation is to combine them with a tight and its vest, not forgetting handkerchief in breast pocket and cufflinks.
That kind of ties have the advantage of giving a sort of gentleman style.
A groom wearing ascot tie will always looks great!


Classic ties are not suitable for you?
If you would like to be an alternative groom, the right ties for you are skinny models, with the that little vintage touch and a good quantity of elegance. They are highly effective when combined with a bunch of flowers (boutonniere) pinned on the jacket. If your figure is long-limbed, a narrow tie will enhance your physical appearance and, if by chance you are also devotees to hipster style, complete with beard … then the originality and success are guaranteed.

It does not matter if your favourite style is classic, modern or romantic!
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