What makes handmade ties so special and how can you recognize the difference?

Even if you are not a fashion expert, you recognize quickly if the tie that you are holding in your hands is of high quality or not. The most obvious sign is the material, but also how the tie is manufactured is very important. So what distinguishes a handmade tie from a mass product stitched with a machine and how can you recognize how your tie was made?

The material gives a first indication of the quality of a tie. In general a high quality tie should always be made of silk. For cheaper versions often polyester is used because it has a shininess like silk. Unfortunately it is usually too shiny which makes it clearly visible that it is not genuine silk. A better, cheaper alternative is microfiber, but silk remains unbeaten.

Woman's hands, stitchingFrauenhände beim Nähen

Apart from the material, also the stitching method plays an important role. A basic distinction is made between these three production methods:

Classic industrial machines: The easiest and cheapest way. The thread at the back of the tie is stitched by machine. The disadvantage is that the seam is not flexible, making it more difficult to tie the tie.

Liba machine: The tie is turned inside out and stitched together with a single thread. The semi-automated machine creates a similar look and resiliency to hand stitching.

Hand stitching: First, the tie is cut by hand and then stitched with needle and thread.

The last two methods are often combined. The advantage of this technique is the slightly looser seam which makes it easier to tie a perfect knot. In addition, a handmade tie has always had a special charm, don’t you think?

Back of a tie

So how do you know how your tie has been made?

Have a good look at the back of the accessory. When stitched by hand there is often a bit of reserve thread that usually remains as a sign for a handmade model. (Never cut this part, otherwise the seam opens!)

Also have a look at the edge. Machine-made ties have a sharper and flatter edge, a handmade model however has more rounded edges and looks more voluminous. This also shows whether a tie was only gently treated with steam to remove pressure points.

A good tie usually also has a loop on the back for the narrow end of the tie. This is not necessarily a sign of good quality but an important detail when you buy a tie. Also a label with information on how the product was manufactured and the material used is usually not missing on a handmade tie.

The last test helps to determine if the accessory was cut properly: Let the tie hang down and make sure that it does not twist and is perfectly symmetrical.

A good tie does not have to be overly expensive. Just take a look at our online shop. At Andrew’s Ties all ties are handmade from pure Italian silk. You can be sure to have a special, high-quality accessory at a great value for money!

Deluxe light grey

Deluxe light grey

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Business stripes anthracite

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“Bordeaux Shiny Silk Tie